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  • Posforth Gill
    Posforth Gill.

Posforth Gill


Location: Bolton Abbey
Postcode BD23 6EX.

Bolton Abbey, A place known for its Priory ruins, the Strid and its walks along the River Wharfe also has another Waterfall Gem. Up in the Valley of Desolation just off the path to "Simons Seat" is the fall just known as "Posforth Gill". There are parking charges but these are transferable on the day between the 3 Car parks,
1/ Bolton Abbey car park is closest to the Priory Church and Ruins and Stepping Stones.
2/ The Cavendish Pavilion car park which is adjacent to the river Wharfe , entrance to Strid Wood. and the walk to the Valley of Desolation.
3/ Strid Wood car park at the northern end of the Estate.

Park at the Cavendish Pavilion and cross the wooden bridge. Turn left and go through the gate, following the path upstream and join the road to Waterfall Cottage. At the cottage, turn right through the gate and follow the track uphill. You soon reach a track down to the left to the waterfall. Cross the footbridge and follow the path to the fall.

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